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Russ Sawchuk


I believe that there is a benefit to narrating certain types of tests. I had expert narration added to a Nursing Medication Administration quiz. I felt that it was important to hear the correct pronunciation of the various drug names. After all, if the physician tells you or phones you an order, knowing the correct drug names should reduce errors.

However, our experience / data has indicated otherwise. For this particular quiz, if you listen to the narrated questions and answers in the quiz, the quiz should take from 15 to 20 minutes to complete. However our tracking data show that the vast majority of quiz-takers complete the quiz in 6 to 10 minutes. This indicates that they are NOT listening to the narration. They are either in a hurry or don't see the value in listening to it. For us, the other disadvantage of adding narration is the huge increase in the size of the quiz files.

You can see this quiz here.


Ari Avivi


The other part of the question then is, did your users find it disjoined to have non narrated parts in the middle of narrated modules. i.e. if we do some knowledge check questions part way through for review.

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