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Nov 30, 2016

Hi All,

I started working with Storyline 2 a couple of months ago. I hope this is not a dumb question.

While working on a slide in Page View I want to go to the previous or next slide without going back to the Story View pane.

In PowerPoint it would simply be <PgUp> or <PgDn>. Is there a key equivalent in Storyline 2 that lets me do this?

Thanks in advance!



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<PgUp> or <PgDn> works in PowerPoint because PowerPoint is always linear; Storyline is not.  I like to work with the "scenes" window pane undocked and on a 2nd monitor so I can always see it and access it.  I also find the drop down box in the scenes window convenient to jump from scene to scene without returning to the story view.

Matt Ockenfels

Thanks, Owen.

I work pretty much the same way. However, I noticed while in the Scenes panel the <Up>, <Down>, <PgUp>, and <PgDn> keys all provide navigation. These keys do nothing while working on a slide (unless an object is selected, and <PgUp> and <PgDn> still do nothing), I seem to be forced to go back to the Scenes panel to go to the previous or next slide within the scene.

I am also trying (learning) to make the most of all the shortcut keys to reduce the amount of keyboard-to-mouse-to keyboard hand movement, so that is why I am interested in this.

Thanks again for your perspective!


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