Need a Reviewer of my Portfolio

Apr 16, 2013


I have many years of experience in instructional design, but I am not confident that the e-learning I have on my portfolio is presenting the best that I can do. I am now applying for contract opportunities, but I'm worried that my portfolio is stalling the interview process rather than accelerating me to the top candidate spot. 

The courses I have created were created under tight timelines, and I was given direction to cut knowledge checks or interactions because of time constraints. 

I would really appreciate an experienced Storyline or Presenter designer/developer taking a look and providing some suggestions on what I can create in my portfolio to help me get these contracts. 

Some of the content on my portfolio is proprietary, so I can't post the link for everyone to view. If you are able to help review my portfolio, please respond here or to me directly, and I will send you the link. 

I never think my work is "good enough", so thank you for helping to be my sanity check.  



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RJ Communes

Hello Anna, I hope you have enough feedback by now. Just in case you think you need more points of view, send in the link. I will take a couple of days to reply. I basically work with Adobe and just recently tried out Articulate. Great software, great agility. Show me your skills in relating to end users through interactivity and I might be able to point out a thing or two from a Trainer's POV, may be not from an employer's POV, which is what you asked for...

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