Need Countdown Timer to stop at 00:00 and exit the course - Storyline 360

Oct 06, 2022


Two years ago, Mark Spermon posted a countdown timer in Storyline 360 that works across the entire course. His tutorial was very helpful.  There are two things I need to happen but couldn't find the right way:

1. Make it stop when it reaches 00:00 (mine continues on to negative)

2. Exit the course when mins and secs reaches 0


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Without looking, I'm assuming the timer is "displayed" somewhere and shows a variable that updates as the timer runs down?  If so, simply add an action on your slide master(s) to "exit course" when your time variable changes IF your time variable is less than or equal to 0. 

By putting this on the slide masters used in your course, it will run / execute on all slides in your course regardless of where the user is when the time runs out.  

Stefan Gottfried

I have watched the video partially. As Owen mentioned, you can set a trigger on your master slide:

Exit course when "seconds" variable changes

if "seconds" =0

and "minutes" =0


To stop your timer when it reaches 00:00 you can add conditions to your counters. 

if "seconds" is not 0

and "minutes" is not 0