Need exercise ideas for strategic planning course

Aug 17, 2011

Hello -

I need ideas for realistic exercises for a course on a strategic planning process - the learner's contributions - opinions, ideas, suggestions, etc - will be used to formulate the plan.  This is a huge culture change for them so I want to create exercises that mimic what they will need to do in reality -- participate in interviews and give their feedback...    any ideas?

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Deb! That Haji Kamal course that Kristen posted is a great example. What kind of strategic planning are you focusing on? What skills do your learners need to acquire? Are you thinking of building kind of a simulation? Maybe there's a scenario-based example from their actual work environment that you could use as a foundation?

If you're looking to build something rapid, the RSI model is a pretty neat approach, because it involves the learner in making some decisions and receiving feedback, but it isn't so complicated that it'll take you months to build it. Here's a good starting point where you can find tutorials & practice files:

Jeanette Brooks

Hi Brian,

In Cathy Moore's blog post about the Haji Kamal demo, Cathy noted in the post comments that the graphic designer for the project used custom Flash because that's the tool the designer was accustomed to using. But something like this could definitely be done in Storyline. For another example that uses conditional feedback and comic designs like this demo, check out the Broken Co-Worker course on the Storyline showcase page.

Rachel Barnum

Hey Deb,

I would recommend asking around the company for specific examples. Preferably, examples that didn't go as well as they could have. You can change the details in the example to then create the scenario you would use in the course. You suggested that it's a culture change, so this may be hard.

I'm not sure what the industry is, but perhaps you can reach out in a related forum or something and ask for examples. There are probably books out there that use stories as well.

I am created a course on "Receiving Feedback" and the company I'm making it for mentioned how much the book "Thanks for the Feedback" resonated with them due to all of the stories. So, I bought the book and flipped through them. I then made them company/culture specific (e.g. replacing "husband and wife doing X" with "two engineers on the same team creating Y"). The company then picked out the scenarios that resonated with them the most, "oh! I've definitely heard this one happening before..."

I think the RSI model would be perfect to fit these in.

For another activity, you could also kind of use a Likert scale type of thing where they're watching someone make decisions, and they choose how much they agree with the decisions. In the end, they can see how on point they were. You could have options for them to talk to the person a little more as well, like "How did you come to this decision?" & "Why do you think this will be beneficial?"

Edit: I just realized how old this post was. Oops.

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