Need help walking on water with a PDF form linked in my training

Apr 03, 2012

Ok, so I have a form (originally made in word, converted to pdf), and the client wants to have it so that when the person enters text in one of the table cells, no matter how much they type, they always see the column headers.  Basically they want the freeze pane functionality of Excel but in a pdf.  They had initially asked to have the form recreated in Excel (bleh), but realized that created new problems (can't have different widths in columns and rows in one worksheet), so that the formating looked bad.

So I have been tasked with forcing a program to do what it doesn't do and am hoping someone might have a suggestion, workaround or other idea on how to make this work.  I've included a trimmed down version of the form for reference (in Word before converting to PDF)

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Hugh Gardner

I was hoping for a miracle, but to be honest it's one of those icky things we all get stuck with eventually where you have something that works 90 percent, but needs something else that another program does, or the client wants that other 10 percent.  I'm leaning toward a custom web form myself as the solution, since a lot of what they want can be done via html and/or javascript.

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