Need ideas for a game for an onboarding portal!

Sep 20, 2012

I am currently building an onboarding portal to help assimilate our new hires into the organization. I am trying to think of a fun and easy game idea to integrate into the portal. I've thought of doing some sort of board game where the new hire travels to each section of the portal, but am looking for some ideas! I don't want to restrict navigation, as I want the new hire to be able to visit each section of the portal when they need, but will have a few required pieces in there (policies, etc).

Any ideas? Any examples you can share?

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Bob S

Hi Amanda,

Considering how overwhelmed, lost and out of place a new hire might feel in a brand new organization, have you considered one of those "escape" type games?

You know the ones where you wake up in a room and you have to find the hidden screwdriver to take the hinges off the cabinet door so you can get the combination for the strong box which contains a picture showing the hidden panel which.... etc etc

Seems like it might be an interesting take on what it feels like to be lost in a new company.

Hope this helps,


David Lindenberg

Hi Amanda,

You might also check out Kevin Thorn's Mission Turfgrass Course.  It may be a bit more advanced then what you are looking for, but you can get some good ideas.  Kevin used a rucksack and had the learner collect items to put in their rucksack through the course.  You had to complete a level or activity to earn an item.  I would check out the course regardless of whether it sounds applicable.  It was an Articulate Guru Silver Award winner and Kevin is a master user.

Blake Griffin

I know this may be a little late since the original post was last month, but if not, I would consider a game that is someway inspired by your business.  I see you are with the VA Lottery. 

I would create a virtual store with a bunch of different "lottery" scratch off tickets.  You can name the "lottery" tickets based on the topic.  For example, Policy Balloon Pop (think state fair ballon popping game with the darts).  The user would pick tickets to scratch off as the navigation for the module.  You can have a character guide them by saying may I suggest the _____ ticket first.  It is really popular and there are a lot of winners with it.

Once selected, the user would be taken to a scratch off ticket, that would contain the content for the section. They would scratch off to "reveal" the content.  Once finished scratching off the sections of the ticket that are required (this could be all or some) they then would go back to the store to get another "lottery" ticket.

You could also build some questions in and have the score of the quiz be given via lotto balls dropping in.  That would be fun.

Good luck with your project.  Sounds like it could be a lot of fun.


Amanda Martens

Thank you for the ideas! I do like the idea of using the lottery tickets and saw an example of that. I also like the idea of having the user collect icons/items as they go through the module. Is there anything complicated in making the icons appear after completing a section if I make this a self-directed course (non-linear)?