Need inspiration for two scenes. Please help.

Jan 24, 2014

I have to build a scene where nurses are to learn different ways to touch a patient. Touch is very important for an old patient's well-being.

They should know that they can: 

Smear the patients hand and feet with lotion.

Comb the hair.

Hold hands.

Stroke their forehead or cheek.

The problem is that I want the scene to be somewhat interactive. I can't really do a simulation out of it because I can't come up with believable false answers. I could do a "click on the body" type of thing, where a click on the head renders a text saying you can stroke their cheek or something. But that doesn't feel quite right. What would you do?

In the other scene they should learn how to prepare for a conversation with relatives of a dying person: Choose a calm place, offer them something to drink, explain what the conversation will be about and how long it will take.

Do you have any good ideas for that one?

Thanks to all of you out there. You are a tremendous help in my strive to become a better instructional designer.

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Scott Kaye

Are you using illustrations or live filming? If you have an actor, one way to do it would be to video the interventions and the patient response. This way they can see the results of their intervention on the patient. Depends on your exact focus. 

For your second scenario I would give them a visual choice of some different environments. Clearly you can make them as over the top as possible. The idea being one is too noisy, too dirty etc. You could then focus on elements of the correct location with callouts, interactive screenshots or drag and drop.

Just some ideas off the top of my head, hope they help.

Daniel Brigham

Hi, Isaac:

Example one above seems to call for video. If you want to make it interactive (and are using Storyline), you could have the learner click the learner on a button on-screen (or even on the patient himself) to learn more about the action being performed.

Here's a thread related to interactive video

And here's Mike Enders showing you the basics

You might also do some cool video Quizmaker (or Storyline) quiz questions involving appropriate and inappropriate touching. Show video clip and ask "Is this type of physical touch permissible?" Touch is intrinsically interesting, so I don't think you'll have much of a problem there.

Example two seems to call out for a scenario. Doesn't have to be complicated, and text-based should be fine. Think of an appropriate setting (hospital office, for example). Since this is about conversations, I might "put the learner in the deep end" and structure most of the lesson as conversation and then have a recap of best practices at the end.

Setup the situation, and then have the learner enter the conversation with the bereaved. The answer choices would be certain things you could say/responses they could make to the bereaved.

Lots to say about this, so PM if you have more questions. Thanks for the post, and hope the above helps a bit. --Daniel

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