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Nicole Legault

In the meantime Barb I would suggest you download the free trials of both Storyline 2 and of Studio 13 and you try your hand at building out a little demo or sample. You may be surprised at how intuitive it is and how easy it is to pick it up. 

You might want to consider looking at the Weekly E-learning Challenges page and taking part in one of those. You can also take part in past challenges that are already done. They are just a good way to get some ideas and inspiration on what you can build out yourself. This is especially good if you're kinda stuck and don't have any idea what to create.

There's also tons of ideas and inspirations of what you can build with our tools over in the E-learning Examples section, and if you need a template or file to use as a starting point, Downloads has a lot of free resources.

Just remember that practice makes perfect. The more time you spend playing around in it, the better you will become. You should consider downloading the trial now and then re-evaluate at the end of the free trial if you still need to pay someone to help you or if the community and the resources (forums and tutorials) is enough to get you going.

We're always here to help! Hope this helps you out a bit! :) Good luck to you.