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Bruce Graham

Hi Traves and welcome to the Heroes Community.

Are you saying that you need one and want recommendations, or requesting some sort of feature/enhancement?

If a recommendation - what resources (technical and staff) do you have available so that people can make some sensible recommendations to you.

Once again - a warm welcome to the Community.


Jim Bob

Hey Traves

It's good thing that your are looking for such kind of chat tool. Because, live chat is only best option whereby you can communicate instantly with website visitor and handle theirs multiple queries in real time. For this, you can try eAssistance Pro live chat software.


All the best

Matthew Bibby

Hi Traves,

I realise that this is an old thread, but if you are still looking for a chat tool that allows your students & professors to chat on your website - then you might want to consider CometChat.  I spent a lot of time a couple of years ago researching and testing a number of chat tools and this was by far the best that I tried.  If you aren't comfortable with the technical side of thing then the people at CometChat can install it on your site and it comes with a range of tools that are great for education - including video chat, group & private chats, screensharing, file sharing, collaborative documents & even a whiteboard! 

Keep in mind that if you have a large site and a lot of people are using the chat, you may find that your server struggles to deliver the messages in a timely manner.  If that happens, then CometService might be worth considering.

Alternatively, if it doesn't have to be integrated into your site then Campfire would be a great choice.

Hope that helps!