Need sample test case for elearning courses

May 22, 2018


Has anyone created a test/use case for QAing an eLearning course?

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Jesse Anderson

I too would love to see how others are approaching the idea of QA on their courses.

In my organization, we have a few levels of QA. The first is peer review. That's where we try to break each others stuff. There is no procedure: just click on everything, go back, go forward, start, stop, restart, everything we can think of that someone might do.

Then we have an alpha review stage. We get together as a group with our developer and multimedia teams. This is a nit-pick session where everything gets dissected, from paragraph spacing to object alignment to functionality to overall look and feel. We also send it to the SME at this stage to verify the content is accurate.

Finally we have a part time beta tester. She acts similar to the peer review, but within the bounds of our testbed LMS. She tests function and also provides one last review of editing issues.

It's a long and complicated process, but it has its merits in that there are very few courses that come back with problems after they're launched.

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