Need some Help on Healthcare Module

Jul 10, 2017

I am working on a health care module to educate our consumers on health care philosophy and practice and how plans are developed. Can someone take a look at my drafted module and make suggestions? I would be most grateful. I am the only one doing this so become blind to minor mistakes often and the more I look at it the worse it is to see what is right in front of me.

Here's the link to where the module draft is sitting. 


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Nancy

wow that's a lot of information you are presenting. Here are a few tips I'd offer.

Slide 1.1 - remove the Next button as it automatically transitions at the end of the timeline

Slide 1.3 - Alignment of objective 1 in the text box is not aligned same as points below and the objectives disappear when timeline ends - not sure if that is by design or you don't have the object set 'show until end'

Slide 1.4 Perhaps fade in the text so it's not all on screen when the timeline starts. Text in top right a little hard to read on the background - you could make the background image slightly transparent or add a shape over the top to give the text a bit of a lift

Slide 1.5 Again alignment of last point is slightly indented and there seems to be extra spaces in 'Free  Market'. A quick and easy way to fix is do a find / replace of double spaces and replace with single spaces

Slide 1.6-1.9 - perhaps make a hub slide with the four models as clickable images/buttons that go to the relevant slides.  On the slides have the Video on a layer so that the slide doesn't look so busy - have your intro text and then the user can click a button to go to the layer or add a show layer trigger when the audio completes.

Slide 1.11 - there is a red rectangle on the top left not sure what this is. Also can't get out of this slide - it is looping when I don't get the answer correct and won't let me proceed except by using the menu to advance. The font looks different / or is a different size. Try to be consistent with the font used.

Slide 1.12 - lot of text on this screen and you have had to reduce the font size significantly to get it to fit. Perhaps introduce the text gradually or use layers or hover to reveal - so instead of having all the text in the box have the headings e.g. Ambulatory Service, then when the user hovers it reveals the associated content at the bottom of the screen

Slide 1.14 - Again you could have four shapes that contain the information instead of just all on screen.

Slide 1.17 - the first paragraph fades in after the slide starts and all other text is already on screen. Again try to not have so much text on screen at once or put into shapes.

General comments - check your font sizes and types, try not to have too much text on a screen, use shapes or layers to spread information out - as a user I'd rather go through 10 well laid out slides than 5 slides that have too much information on them. Check alignment of objects on screen that they line up correctly - use the View tab > Grids and guidelines when you are editing to help you align.

The Logo in the player isn't displaying for me.

Hope that helps Nancy and good luck with your project.


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