Need to create a quiz with a submit contact info form

I am working on creating a quiz with feedback and at the end of the quiz my client wants a form for people to submit their name and email, address,etc. for a contest.  I have the full suite of Articulate products. Any suggestions how to do this? 

We will just place this quiz on our web site.

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Robert Kennedy

There is not a straight forward way to do this as Articulate products themselves don't utilize a databasing type of system.  However, you can probably use web objects to incorporate a mailing list signup widget of some sort.  Another possibility is to publish the quiz as a standalone and then edit the HTML page to include a signup form below the flash object.  I will see if there are other possibilities that have already discussed as well.

Bret Deardorff

I have use the insert web object feature and added a link to a zoomerang survey that allows me to capture the users information. You can do your entire quiz in zoomerang as well. It works pretty well but you lose many of the features of quizmaster but you could do your quizmaster quiz then take them to zoomerang for capturing their personal information.