Need Young Character Stock Images

Hi there. I am creating a module to train retail store employees. I need stock images of young males and females, in casual attire, around the age of 18-24.

I know that has a ton of characters with many different poses, but they are not casual or young enough for what I need. Same for the characters that offers.

I know has some, but sometimes there aren't enough poses. 

I would love to find characters offering 20-50 poses (or more) to use in these module, but the tricky part is finding them young enough and not dressed in business casual.

Does anyone have any ideas?  Thanks!

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David Lindenberg

Hi Lisa,

I don't know of any sites per se, but have you thought about taking pics of some young people in different poses?  Or paying a photog. to do it?  I know it isn't the 'ideal' route, but if you can't find any other means, it might be something to look into. Maybe co-workers, friends, friends' kids, etc.