Needs Assessment Samples?

Oct 01, 2013

Hi All,

Does anyone have any needs assessment samples?  I am would like to obtain information on whether or not a  web-based training course is the correct solution to a performance problem or opportunity and learner characteristics.  I would like to find out if another intervention in addition to the wbt course should be considered, such as a wbt course with a facilitator teaching certain topics, creating a  blended approach.   I look forward  to your recommendations.  Thanks!


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Helena Froyton

Hi Cathy,

Thank you!  Thank you!   Thank you!

I really appreciate you sending me the link to your flowchart and  video.  They were very helpful.

I am also going to  take a look at your e-learning blueprint.  By the way, I really liked your web site.

Thank you so much for replying to my post!  I am giving  a presentation tomorrow on a Needs Assessment form I put together.

Best Regards,


Jermaine Perkins


This is such an awesome resource! I know this post is from 5 years ago, but i'm new to elearning, Instructional Design, Learning Development field & I'm eager to gain more education on these areas so that  I can approach things more professional & efficiently. I can't wait to dive deeper into the blogs & articles linked to your chart. :)

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