New Employee Orientations - Benefits Module

Hello eLearning Geniuses,

I am in the concept phase (very early in the process) for developing a module of New Employee Orientation. My portion of the course will be our company benefits.  Not too exciting, huh? However, I am really excited about this project and think that I can finally stretch my Articulate wings far and wide!

I would live your creative ideas and thought. Maybe your thoughts are totally conceptual, maybe they are tried and true and maybe just maybe, they are the next big thing! Who knows but I would love for you to weigh in.

There are a few things about this course, it will go through all of the standard US  bene’s like, health, dental, vision, and life insurance. We also offer an Employee Stock Ownership Program, Employee Assistance Program Pre-Paid Legal, etc. The trick is that our bene’s are different for different companies within our organization.  I am thinking that there needs to be some sort of branching for the different organizations so that employees only get the information that pertains to them.

Help me make it engaging, PLEASE <pleading voice>!

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Gina Heumann

Here's a quick idea off the top of my head:

Maybe you have a character that is the "new employee" with a shopping basket that he/she will fill with the various benefits. (Maybe they can even choose a character that looks like them?) As you go through the store, you can click on the benefits on the shelves, which will take you to a page that describes them and then they'll appear in the cart. The idea is to fill the cart as you learn about your benefits. You could make the health plan look like a box of band-aids, the vision plan looks like glasses, legal could be a big book, etc. Then you could make different "aisles" in the store, or even different "stores" for different companies within the organization and they'd only go to the ones that apply to them. Or maybe it's a mall with an optical shop, a lawyers office, a clinic, etc. I don't know I'm just brainstorming...

I honestly think you can take ANY topic and make it creative and fun! Good luck!

Daniel Brigham

Hi, Regina:

Benefits is the probably the most inherently engaging topic in new hire orientation, so you've got that going for you. Because I'm a writer, I tend to learn toward characters and their interactions. And Storyline's built-in characters help in this regard. You might also look into the free templates Articulate offers as well (pretty easy to tweak and make your own).

I'm thinking about two characters who meet in the orientation (their first thought is "Yeah, this training should be about as fun as listening to a Justin Bieber tune backwards") but then they learn about the cool bennies, and well, they have discussions about how the bennies will actually impact their lives ("Charles mentions he's got a "little situation" with his ex-wife, etc., etc., pre-paid legal or whatever might come in handy). That's probably too quirky, but you get the point. Their needs should sort of reflect the needs of your learners. You might be able to introduce new characters when you talk about the different businesses.

The trick: 1. to create interesting characters who are not just a pedagogical tool. Most elearning characters are just shy of embarassing. Make it honest and sort of messy. That'll ring true to people.  2. Not to lean on the characters too much. Feel free to PM me if you need clarification. --Daniel