Non-graded "quiz" with question by question feedback

Oct 02, 2014

I'm tasked with building a non-graded knowledge check. The idea is to have a question followed by immediate feedback, then on to the next question. I'm trying to determine the most efficient and clean way of going about this. Any advice, templates, or thoughts on the best approach would be greatly appreciated. It seems like the quiz and feedback templates in SL are mostly built with the assumption that the quiz is graded (and the default feedback pane is kind of clunky and not readily amenable to custom formatting).



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Adam Mac

Feedback Options

  1. At the bottom of the Question window is the Set Feedback and Branching section. For Correct and Incorrect you can select the More button to change the feedback text, include audio, and set branching (in your case you'd leave branching set to next slide)

    This option is the quickest method but doesn't permit much customization. 
  2.  With your slide selected you can edit the Correct and Incorrect layers.

    This method allows you to modify the feedback text, add other visual elements to the layers but the feedback shape is locked.
    This option provides slightly more control than option 1.  
  3. Select View > Feedback Master

    This method offers the largest degree of customization. You can fully customize all feedback slides, altering the size, position, shape or even existence of the feedback default shape.

    Combined with method 2, I believe this will let you achieve the desired level of customization. 

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