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Mar 17, 2013

Hi y'all

I was wondering if anyone out was able to help me with a concept for a function in Storyline, where the end user was able to cherry pick text apearing on any screen (Click/Drag/Drop) it to a "Notepad" icon that appears on all screens, with the selected text then being automatically pasted to a separate screen.

At the end of the course the user is able to access, review and print any text pasted to the separate screen.

The idea being that in large or text heavy courses the user would be able to select informatin that they found most relevant or helpful to their role, then "take this with them" as a printout at the completion of the course.

I had thought of trying this with and obejct trigger on any relevant textbox that runs a Java script to copy and paste, but cannot get my head around how the script might know where the destination page would be? Or how to format the pasted text when it is dropped.

Many thanks in advance for any advice/comments/help


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Jerson  Campos

I've been studying up on the javascript. This is possilbe. Javascript can append to a document by adding additional elments to a page. I'm not a pro..(yet) in javascript, but from what I do know, you can create a new document and give it a "name". Then you can target that document and append it and add additional text. I just don't know if storyline will allow it. I've had issues with certain javascript not working in storyline because the internet browser considers it unsafe, even though I am just asking for something simple, like open a new window of a webpage. Also I'm not sure where this new page will be created. It will most likely reside on the server and since you would most likely want to keep it secure and not make any permenant changes, it will probably require PHP to do the heavy lifting.

Meryem M

Look at this blog post for a way to leverage an essay quiz question for notetaking.

This post discusses making a learning journal that carries over from slide to slide.

  • "But the icing on the cake is the “Learning Journal” tucked away on a button in the upper left corner. It’s a place where you can write and print your own notes about each section. Genius! Cleverly constructed with a multilayer lightbox slide, it features several text entry fields to capture your thoughts in one neat and tidy place."

Here is the demo of the lightbox journal story.

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