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May 22, 2012

hi there. 

Can anyone recommend good onscreen review tools - i.e. a tool where you can plug in your published content and where users/reviewers can add their comments into a database?   

I found this tool and it looks very good, but wanted to see if anyone had any other recommendations.



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Natalia Mueller

There was a conversation about this very thing not too long ago. I tried to search for it but came up empty. I know that several folks use sharepoint , wikis and google docs for their review process. Maybe another community member will recall that previous conversation and link us to it or add some more of the tools we talked about.

Jeanette Brooks

Like Natalia mentioned, some folks use a Google doc, embedded as a web object. Tom did a screencast awhile back on that: https://player.vimeo.com/video/204930805

There are also some other paid tools out there. Some people like CommentCatcher. Also, James Kingsley created a feedback widget here.

Maybe one of those options would fit what you're looking for?

Bob S

Hi Greg,

This is a subject that has indeed come up before... a few of those times brought up by me.

Basically, there is a void out there with not too many great options.  The one you site was all I could find when I did extensive research on this last year. The other hopeful (read as : someday) option comes from the advertising/creative agency world where online  mark-up and review is a standard way of doing business today. The problem there is none of the current services/tools worked with interactive Flash (ie courses), only static Flash movies. But several were talking about changing that.

I will say again this is a real opportunity for a company like Articulate with their technical and creative expertise to step in and corner the market!  They already have most of the pieces needed spread across their various products.

Good luck in your search and if you do go with the RapidIntake option, let us know what you think. I found it pretty good.


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