Nov 09, 2017

So I just needed to vent. I'm creating a software simulation using screen recordings. I have several scenes, and am doing a Try Mode and a Test Mode. Lots of trigger edits in order to make the simulation behave like the live product, as well as branding considerations. I'm 80% finished, and was about to insert one of my screen recordings in Test mode, and I couldn't find it. I reviewed each of the screen recordings twice, spent about 2 hours trying to figure out what had happened. Then it dawned on me. That particular Try scene was created from screen shots, not a screen recording. It was added after the original screen recordings were made, and from a time and travel perspective, made more sense.

Moral of the story - take better notes.

Any Oooops moments anyone else wants to share?

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Nicole Legault

Hi Eric! Interesting topic! We all have that moments. At a previous job I once lost weeks worth of work when my computer froze and crash and a file I was working on became corrupt and as a result I couldn't open it... That's when I learned the hard way how important it is so save, version, and backup work. A costly mistake... but one I only had to make once!

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