Try Mode to Test Mode

Sep 16, 2013

1) Can I turn a Try Mode Simulation into a Test Mode Simulation? I made a boo-boo and went through a lot to get to where I am right now at a simulation, but turns out it should have been a test mode simulation instead of a try mode simulation.

Can I turn it into a test? If possible, does it have any "side-effect"? Would I miss any cool feature that a Test Simulation (from the beggining) would provide me?

2) In any case... When a simulation is smaller than the stage, it gets automatically centered in the middle height of the slide. Can I pull it to the bottom center?

I do know I can do it when I enlarge the slide, then Storyline asks me what to do, but when the Screen Recording is brought to a larger slide, can I make it to align to bottom?

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Javier Mosquera

I don't know if I can turn a Try mode simulation into a test mode one. So, if someone know how to do it, would help anyways.

But regarding to my second question, I was avoiding having to "crop" the slide and then enlarge it, be cause I thought the that to "crop" a slide, was to actually "cut" whichever image that were left outside the canvas. But when the slide is resized, the image looks complete again, so great.

Nancy Sheet

I have a similar situation and I'm pretty sure I've figured it out. I recorded a set of steps on my screen that is in Try mode. Now I want to use the same screen recording in Test mode.

  1. I saved the Try Me as a Test.
  2. I created a new scene.
  3. On the Home tab I selected Record Screen, It showed my previous recordings.
  4. I selected the one I wanted and inserted the recording as a Test.  

I have to clean it up now and delete the other scenes I don't need.