Overwhelmed with LMS options - Do we still need SCORM ?

May 12, 2022

Hi there!

I figured this would be the go - to community to ask.  I haven't done freelance work for a few years and I feel out of the loop. 

I'm trying to help a potential client who would like to sell courses and I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed with the LMS options out there.  All of the LMS now feature built in course builders these days.  Is it worth it to still offer her a course built as scorm?  Does anyone have LMS recommendations that would allow clients to purchase courses either individually or in bundles? 

Thanks for any help.  :) 

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Tracy Parish

Here is my situation.  Our LMS is subscription based, which I imagine many of them are now.  I'm not sure how many LMSs are housed internally any more.  So that being said, I need to always consider 'Will my organization continue to pay the fee my LMS vendor requires to maintain access to the LMS'.  Right now...yes.  I'm 3 years into ours with an option to extend two more and we took it.  However, in another 2 years will the org want to find something else....maybe.  So, I need to ensure all the courses we use/create I can move to another system as I also can't see that we will be giving up distributing online courses anytime soon.  

We don't typically buy external courses; most are made in house.  I do not use the built in authoring tool, as the one there is access to is simply a method to distribute PDFs and multiple choice questions.  I think my vendor might have a more robust tool, but again... more cost for that.

Hope that helps a bit and gives you one perspective.