PDF link is not working in offline view

Jul 07, 2014

PDF link is not working while viewing  the course offline. but it is working fine on desktop.

i have give an action on button "jump to file/url" to open the PDF.

is there any solution for this issue? 


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Lucy Hood

Hi, I'm having a similar problem.

I've published to CD as not everyone will have internet. Running the Launch_Story.exe file (from my desktop) and a link to a document is working for me but not for my SME.

Apparently the browser tries to open the document but then closes it saying browser doesn't support it. (the trigger is on a text box that needs to be clicked to open a word document)

Any ideas? I've checked the Story content/external files folder and it's all bundled up there correctly.


Joe Waddington

If i remember right, you have to make sure that all the documents you are linking to are in the same directory as your storyline file before publishing. Otherwise SL starts looking for directories that may or may not be there.

We've gotten away from including the documents in our course. Instead we host the documents that we want on a server or cloud drive (google docs or dropbox). This allows you to save the link to your course, but also update the document quickly w/o having to worry about outdated copies being linked or included.

Lucy Hood

Thanks Joe.
Will give that a try.
Would love to host all our documents online but not everyone has internet access here so it makes it difficult!
Thanks again,

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