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Steve Flowers

Inkscape and Artweaver (free) are also quite good for free software. GIMP is great and holds some small advantages over Photoshop in some workflows and tasks. I lean on Photoshop quite a bit and you couldn't go wrong with Photoshop elements ~($80 US I think).

The function of this tool is as odd as the name but might just meet your fancy: Project Dogwaffle.

Dawn Chamberlin

I also use PaintShop Pro (PSP) and have used it for years. It is low cost at $99 (and often on sale for $59) and can do the same thing as PhotoShop and Illustrator combined, but in less steps than those two apps. PSP also has more effects and painter options than the other guys. I just hope that Corel never catches on to what a great product they bought from JASC and hike the price to match the other guys. Shhh...Mum's the word.