Playing and then not playing audio

Oct 11, 2018

My brain is fried so I need some inspiration. When the learner comes into the main menu there is an audio clip that explains the modules. After completing a module, the learner is returned to the main menu in which I do not want the audio to replay again.  I first approached this as a variable to stop audio but the audio is on the screen that appears after the "main menu" button is selected - obviously not a correct guess. Can audio be placed on a state/visited state with just silence as the audio? I could have a screen capture of the Main menu that has the audio. Once played, the screen would automatically go to the real Main menu that has no audio and all of the end of module links would be to this new screen. Can someone help me to stop overthinking this issue. Thanks.

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Nancy Woinoski

Create a true/false variable. Set the initial state to false.

Put the audio on a layer on the menu slide and add a trigger to change the variable to true when the timeline on the layer starts.

on the base menu slide add a trigger that says to show the audio layer when the timeline starts if the variable is set to false.

that should do it.

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