Stopping Audio from Repeating

The Main menu is gated so that the four modules must be completed in sequence. When the learner enters the main menu, there is a general audio. When each module is completed, I want the audio to stop when the learner is returned to the Main Menu for the next lesson. All of the Module gates have variables that work correctly. I am using the following variable for the audio: stop media, media =audio 1, when theĀ  timeline starts, object is Main menu, and the condition is if module 1 = true. It does not work. I have tried to stop media and pause media without success. Any idea would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Dave Goodman

Saved state has the audio, reinitial state has the same audio, automatically decide has the same audio - been there, done that. I am to the point of placing the audio on a new screen before the Menu that explains things only but the navigation to the actual modules will be on a separate screen without audio. Then after each lesson, the learner will come back to the non-audio screen. Thanks for your help.

Nancy Woinoski

I would put the audio on a layer and use a true/false variabe to control whether or not the layer is played.

  1. create a true/fasle variabled called audioDone and set the inital value to false.
  2. add a trigger to the base slide that say show audio layer when the timeline starts if vatable audioDone is false
  3. on the audio layer create a triggers adjusts the audioDone layer to true when the timeline starts or ends ( your call as the which you want to use)