Please Stop the Emails

The emails have started flowing in again and I can't seem to stop it. Not cool. I have turned the subscribe button off so it looks blue. Didn't work. I have clicked it so it looked gray and that didn't work. Then I tried both again. Nothing. How do I make it stop. I only visit the site once every two or three months and don't find it intuitive and cannot figure out how to stop this.

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Bob S

Hi Oliver,

I feel your annoyance... Unless things have changed (and they may have), you could only unsubscribe from future threads you might post on.  There was no way to mass unsubscribe from older legacy threads except going in one by one.

That being said, it's an amazing community and if that bit of annoyance is the only hassle.... I can live with it.

Bob S

If it helps...

If the emails are responses to threads you've posted on - Note/write down the name of the thread then go into your Profile.  Look for the Subscriptions tab down to the right.  Click that and every thread you are subscribed to will be listed.  Click the X to the right of the ones you want to unsubscribe from.  It's long but works..... I still have (413) that I need to do someday .... lotta clicks which is why you want to write down the name of the offending thread.

If the emails are from "members" (ie advertisers, etc) directly to you - Again go to your Profile but this time look for Edit Profile. Scroll down until you see a check box allowing members to contact you directly.... uncheck it.

Hope this helps!

Kelly Meeker

Hi Oliver! I'm so sorry for the inconvenience. It looks like you're subscribed to a few discussions and then to the Storyline hub. Here's a video on how to subscribe and unsubscribe to hubs:

And you can manage your subscriptions to discussions right from your profile, here: 

As a first step, can you try unsubscribing from the discussions and hub you're currently subscribed to? And if you're still receiving emails after that, just let me know and we'll look into it further.