spam? or worse?

Aug 11, 2015

I keep getting tons of these emails. I have unsubscribed twice which hasn't worked. I don't really want to unsubscribe but I want to stop getting bombarded from this person. How do I stop it? Is it happening to other people? thanks.

See attachment for copy of the email.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Susanne, 

Thanks for reaching out here and sorry for the emails you're getting. We've had a recent spat of spam getting through and our web team has put in some new controls as you'll see described here but that particular account got through and hit us hard this AM. We've since deleted the posts and the account - so you shouldn't get any more from that user. We monitor it throughout the day and hopefully not as many posts are getting through, but if you need to unsubscribe you'll need to do so to the whole forum, not just an individual post. 

Chris R

Thanks Ashley. The spam in the past has been a real downer, I've been simply too busy to edit my settings to stop all posts. Speaking of that, is there a feature to receive emails only on ones own posts? Or perhaps just certain topics or even members? Those types of features would be of powerful impact. Unless I'm not using it properly I get swamped with every possible post so I'm pretty close to just turning it off

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Chris,

By default you're auto-subscribed to any posts that you reply within. For example this thread, you likely got notified about my reply via email and then could respond as such. You can change that setting within your profile as shown here:


Within each section of the forums, you can choose to subscribe as well or even to an individual post. If you do each forums section, you'll receive an email about all new posts and new replies. You will notice that you're subscribed by looking at the top of the forum section:

As far as the ways to subscribe to certain topics or members, that's not currently an option but it sounds like a good feature request!

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