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Jeff Kortenbosch

Like others I'm not the best smartphone user in the world. Although I have a Nexus 5 privately/for my own company and and iPhone 5 for my day job. I couldn't care less about the apps. I still use it for communication purposes and not for all that other mumbo jumbo.

Work-wise I'd say the apps I use are limited to (Nexus 5):

  • gmail
  • google calendar
  • google contacts
  • dropbox
  • twitter
  • linkedin
  • whatsapp
  • Bufferapp (to check and (re)post messages to Twitter and Linkedin simultaneously)
  • WPS Office (for android) to check an occasional attached document from attached to an email or from my dropbox

On my iPhone I just do calls and check emails and calendar appointments... Zero apps

Ryan DeWitt

We use the dropbox app in our VO sound booth. The script is written, approved and can be accessed from the booth. Finger scrolling a long script is quiet and effortless with tough devices. 
Having the iPad permanently installed on an armature makes set up easy.  The box app, google drive app, are all good options, the key "one file in one place"

- rock this article David! 

Joshua Roberts

This is actually a very interesting discussion but I'll come at this from a different angle. 

I use the traditional options of Evernote, Dropbox and NotesKeeper in order to keep everything in order.

However, I spend a lot of time downloading free apps - not for the content - but for the design. I find that I draw a lot of inspiration from the layout of apps and the way that information is presented to us as the user. Therefore this is actually one of the most efficient ways of getting my work done. Instead of sitting there puzzled for hours at a time I simply load up several apps to look at information presentation.

Alternate way of looking at things without focusing down strictly productivity apps.

Ant Pugh

I'm too late for the session now, but am keen to share because I'm a geek when it comes to apps :)

  • Evernote - I couldn't live or work without Evernote, I have my life saved into there, ideas, blogs, letters and emails I've received, sent, I also make a new note for each time I make or receive a phone call so I can track who has called, what has been discussed, and then I can bring up all my notes on that person/company when I next speak to them etc. Evernote Web Clipper is also incredible. As you can tell I'm also a geek when it comes to staying productive too :)
  • FastEver - allows me to create a new Evernote with 1 tap on my iPhone screen, great for when I have a quick idea and haven't got time to open Evernote and type it up and save it 
  • IQTell - the only to-do app I've found that allows you create to-do's straight from emails and then to reply to emails directly from the to-do list which is 90% of my to-do's. It also syncs up and down with Evernote, so I can create To-Do's from Evernote and also vica-versa
  • Siri - I only use the Siri functionality for dictation, I am a clumsy typist (keyboard and phone) and therefore if I'm alone will regularly dictate emails and text messages to save me time. I use Dragon Dictation type on my PC, it's excellent.
  • Dropbox - I like to save all my files in one place that is available on several devices, although since losing my corporate license, I may have to revise this - not sure I'm happy about paying for this myself.
  • Google Drive - same as Dropbox, but I just use the free allowance. I like that I can open Spreadsheets on my phone and iPad through Google Sheets.
  • Twitter - great to hear about other people's opinions, discuss industry relevant ideas and to be made aware of new blogs, software releases, events etc.
  • PInterest - love using this app for capturing design ideas, colours schemes I'd like to use in my courses, different types of Typography etc.
  • Spotify - because all my best work happens when I have my tunes turned up loud, helps me get into the zone :)
Sean Bengry

Learning More and Sharing:
Flipboard, Twitter, LinkedIn, Buffer, Pocket, IF (fka IFTTT), Yammer (because it's integrated at work)

DropBox, Google Drive/Docs + Hangouts, Lync 2013 (because it's integrated at work), Evernote, Google Now

I will say that "IF" is what I refer to as the "connective tissue" of my personal web.
I can create relationships and recipes that connect my networks at will (for example, everytime I post something to LinkedIn, it posts to Yammer automatically, or automatically saving a Twitter #learning link directly to Google Drive spreadsheet)... now, with the advent of IoT (connecting smart objects in real life), it's getting even better.

Jeffery Goldman

Evernote and Dropbox for personal and my freelance work. Those apps are locked down at my corporate job. 

On Corp job we use Yammer. We have eLearning designers  in many different geographic locations and Yammer is big help in collaboration and sharing ideas, resources, etc. 

oh, Twitter for my PLN (personal learning network).