PowerPoint Shapes: Saving custom shapes (PPT 2010)

Does anyone know how to save custom shapes to the shapes dialog box? Essentially, is there any way to create a new category and add custom shapes to the drop-down menu/dialog box where all the custom PPT shapes reside?

There are lots of tutorials on how to MAKE custom shapes, but I can't find much on how to save them for future use or otherwise distribute to other folks in the group.

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Bob S


There may be some feature I don't know about, and if so one of the heroes here will bail us both out! 

But in the meantime, the way I've always handled what you are talking about is by creating "library" PPT presentations filled with various shapes, animations, treatments, etc. that I've created or .... ahem.... "researched" from others.

Consider creating one presentation of just shapes, you can break the slides into categores any way you want.... by color, by general shape type (rounded vs angular), etc.  Then when you need those shapes, simply pop open the library PPT and copy and paste. Conversely, if you need to create a new shape and/or modify one of your existing shapes, be sure and paste it back into the library PPT so your library grows.

Hope this helps,


Efrat Maor

If you wish to send a shape you created to a colleague...

  1. Select the object\grouped shapes
  2. From the right-click menu  select Save Picture As
  3. Change file type to *.EMF (last option)


    This is the same vectoric file type that is used for clipart on the MS Office site.  
    You can either add it to presentations from a designated folder by using Insert> Picture or by adding it to a folder that is scanned by your Clipart organizer, and then use Insert>Clipart to review the shapes and visuals you created and adding them to your presentation (or any other Office document).

    Good Luck!  
Jeroen Breugelmans

Hello Jason,

we came accross the same issue. We are a powerpoint development studio and we were asked if we could create a way to access our portfolio straight from powerpoint as we have thousands of shapes available. 
Beside this, people spend enormous amounts of time on creating presentations while the outcome is not always that great. So we decided to develope an addin that allows you to:
- access our custom shapes from a "custom" library straight from within powerpoint
- save and re-use your own custom shapes in that private library
- easy share custom shapes with others
As we are in the development stage, we encourage people to give is feedback. We are planning to release this addin within the upcoming 3 months.
If you could give us feedback, we can deliver such an addin for you. Please go to:
Thank you!
Jeroen Breugelmans