Dialog box opens behind SL 360 window

I'm not sure what the dialog box is, but after clicking "save" on a large project, right when the save completes, there's a "ding" over the speaker and SL360 becomes unresponsive. SL has opened a prompt for some purpose behind the SL 360 window.  

If there's any way to get the dialog box to come forward please let me know.

What I do is: Task Manager > End Task

As Windows closes down SL360, I get a brief peek at the dialog box before everything is gone. I haven't had enough of a peek to know what the prompt is asking.


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Sam Carter

Hi Leslie,

Sorry... if I know how to reproduce this phenomenon on demand I would quit taking those steps and all would be well.  It seems to happen at random unfortunately and not that often. The good news is the save seems to complete so killing Storyline doesn't lose any work.

I'll try to capture more information if it is at all possible and report back here.