Studio users: What Slide Size (Standard or Widescreen) Are You Using?

Dec 07, 2015

Hey everyone! We were talking about aspect ratios today (yeah, geek chat) and were curious what your preferred aspect ratio was for Studio projects.

Now that PowerPoint 2013 defaults to widescreen, it would seem that it would be the default ratio for e-learning projects. Is that fair?

Can you help us with an informal survey by answering two questions:

1. What aspect ratio, standard (4:3) or widescreen (16:9), are you using for Studio projects?

2. Which version of PowerPoint are you using?

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Christian deTorres

Personally, it depends on the project.

My current employer uses PowerPoint 2010 and my team is required to produce Storyline 2 content at 4:3, a decision driven by tradition, but also a large employee base that still includes many users of 4:3 monitors. We do not do mobile, which simplifies things greatly.

We have switched to 4:3 at a resolution of 1024x768, since we found the default Storyline resolution too low, especially with training that incorporates screenshots.

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