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Jimmy mark
Color Name RGB CODE HEX # Sample
Snow 255-250-250 fffafa  
Snow 2 238-233-233 eee9e9  
Snow 3 205-201-201 cdc9c9  
Snow 4 139-137-137 8b8989  
Ghost White 248-248-255 f8f8ff  
White Smoke 245-245-245 f5f5f5  
Gainsboro 220-220-220 dccdc  
Floral White 255-250-240 fffaf0  
Old Lace 253-245-230 fdf5e6  
Linen 240-240-230 faf0e6  
Antique White 250-235-215 faebd7  
Antique White 2 238-223-204 eedfcc  
Antique White 3 205-192-176 cdc0b0  
Antique White 4 139-131-120 8b8378  
Papaya Whip 255-239-213 ffefd5  
Blanched Almond 255-235-205 ffebcd  
Bisque 255-228-196 ffe4c4  
Bisque 2 238-213-183 eed5b7  
Bisque 3 205-183-158 cdb79e  
Bisque 4 139-125-107 8b7d6b  
Peach Puff 255-218-185 ffdab9
Meg Bertapelle

there's a plug in for Firefox browser called "ColorZilla" that allows you to click a dropper on any color presented on a website, and get the RGB values, or hex values.  You can also launch the "more colors" dialog within PPT and get the values for each one, but it's 1 at a time.  I'm not sure if MS has a list of the values anywhere, but you can get them, it just may take some time...