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Apr 19, 2011

I couldn't resist sharing my new creation. Inspired by David Becker's simulation I created the inside of a transport truck.

We use a lot of International Trucks so I looked up a photo that they had on their site in their marketing material.

Then I mirrored it to create the inside of a Long Haul Transport Truck.

This image was all created in PPT.

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Zara Ogden

I think it took about 3 hours over 2 days fiddling with it. I am not super experienced in creating this type of image, so with time, I imagine it can be done faster. Many of the shapes are used multiple times so that helped with development. Most of the time is fiddling with the gradients and 3D options.

I downloaded the CS5 30day free program last month and bought a month subscription to lynda.com I spent a good bit of time with Photoshop learning about layering and watching Deke McClelland's one on one. I think that helped a lot with learning how to layer and think about the way the image should look.Total cost was $37.50

I was having a hard time before knowing how to put it all together and add just the right bits to make my stuff look professional. With Tom's Blog and Lynda.com and Photo Friday I think I am improving all the time.

Thanks to you guys in the community! (wow this post sounds kinda hokey)

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