Prescription Assessment template - feel free to use!

Hi all,

I put this together as a test to see how easy it would be to do... SUPER easy, of course, because it's Storyline and figured maybe someone might like to use it as a template

basically a test broken into a few topics, and telling the person what to review at the end based on their performance on the test.  



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Judith Blackbourn

Wow, that must have taken a lot of work, Meg.

My client isn't sure right now how stringently she wants to test -- so far, she just wants to know if the learner passed. I'm trying to convince her to track the training more vigorously and remediate gaps in the learner's knowledge.

Now you've given me a great example to show how that can be done!


BTW, in the results, what does the ratio mean (4/10, 5/10)? Does that show how many questions the learner missed or how many correct? I'm guessing that however many they had incorrect, the 3 resources you list below that can cover all the information required.

Meg Bertapelle

Hi Judith,

it's set up that there are 5 questions in each topic bank, with 2 points possible for each question & therefore a total of 10 points per topic - so I guess I should have labeled that "points"  you get 2 points for a correct answer, 1 point for not quite, and 0 points for incorrect.  You could also do a subtraction for incorrect, but I felt that would get too complex :)  It actually took me less than 1 work day - I was also fooling around & had meetings and some documents to clean up :) LOVE STORYLINE! :)