Presenter and Engage

Hi guys,

Seeing as I haven't used either Presenter and Engage before, but very excited about using them, I would like to know the following:

1. Can either program/application be used "within" Articulate? i.e. once you have created a scene, for example, or can they only be used within PowerPoint?

2. If only PowerPoint, once these add-in's are used, and the scene/project is published, can you then still edit the changes you have made using Engage and Presenter?

My apologies if these questions have been asked already, but I would really like to know. I can't seem to find a definitive answer. Of late, I have just been creating learning directly within Articulate and not importing, so am not sure.


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Thomas Elvins

Thanks for the response guys.

I think you have answered my does seem that you have to create the interaction whilst you are creating your content, but within PPT first. It seems (as you said David) that you can import interactions but has to have PPT content as a foundation.

I had a look at the article Doug, and it seems as per the above.

Generally you both use PPT first, then use Presenter and/or Engage?

I just have to get my head around the following as I process the "process":

1. Create content in PPT

2. Use Presenter/Engage whilst creating within PPT

3. Review and publish using the Articulate add in within PPT

This will work with larger projects and mapping the content build from start to finish and creating some really great modules. I am looking forward to creating some really fantastic stuff.