Poor Image Quality in Presenter 13

Nov 25, 2015

Like many others, I am also experiencing poor image quality when a Presenter 13 course is published. I remember a similar issue with Presenter 09, but that was corrected after several updates. I have attached an image that shows the quality of the original image I used, the published image using Presenter 09, and the published image using Presenter 13. You can easily see how poor the image quality becomes using Presenter 13.

The compression settings within PowerPoint are off, I have made the necessary adjustments in the Presenter player, and my publishing settings in Presenter are at 100% quality for images. None of these options has helped me (nor others, from the previous posts I've seen), so I'm convinced that the problem lies within Presenter 13 (like it initially did within Presenter 09, until it was corrected). Strangely enough, I have no issues with the image quality of Engage or QuizMaker items within a Presenter 13 course - only the images that were added to the PowerPoint part of the course appear poor.

That said, will there be an update released any time soon that will correct the poor image quality in Articulate Presenter 13? 

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Justin Grenier

Hi there, George.

I can see the degradation in the image you attached.  Here's what I did to attempt to reproduce the problem:

The image quality isn't perfect, but it doesn't look nearly as bad as the degradation you demonstrated.

If you are already following the best practices I mentioned and continue to see the problem, can you please package up your project and send it over to us for a closer look?  Thanks!

George T.

Thanks for you input Justin, but all things being equal, Presenter 13 still causes much more image degradation than Presenter 09 does. The images I took were from auto-sizing the presentation to the user's window (in both versions). This is a feature my users appreciate as it eliminates the potential problems associated with fixed-size presentation screens.

At any rate, why should I need to reconfigure Presenter 13 to give me similar results to what I was getting without doing anything to Presenter 09? Not to mention losing this automatic re-sizing feature in the process, if I want somewhat clearer images. I may as well just ask my users to stand 12 feet  away from their screen - the results would be similar. This is simply a workaround to the problem that some people may not mind implementing. I would rather see a permanent solution to it - one that does not compromise one feature to correct another. Articulate Studio 13 has already been scaled-down considerably as it is (feature-wise) when compared to Studio 09.

George T.

Hi Ashley,

I have not submitted files to the support team, other than the image I posted here. Others with the same issue have shared their files, yet the issue remains unresolved.

At this point, in order to minimize the potential damages and the many, many lost hours it would take to reformat ALL of my existing presentations (due to 09 and 13 being extremely incompatible), I think I will simply cut my losses and deactivate Articulate Studio 13 and re-install Studio 09. It would be much easier to recreate in Studio 09 the two projects I've created with what I feel is a gimped Studio 13, than it would to do the opposite with the two dozen or so presentations I originally made in 09.

Expensive lesson learned - the latest is not necessarily the greatest.

George T.

For everyone else looking for "workaround" solution to this software issue that clearly will not be corrected by Articulate in this version (maybe they'll fix in Articulate '17, but my company will never buy it to find out), you can try converting your jpgs, pngs etc., to .swf (Flash) files.

Even though Presenter '13 processes standard image files extremely poorly, it does a decent job with images converted to Flash, provided you have the necessary tools to do so. Hope this helps someone.

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