"Presenter Mouse" compatible with Storyline?

Hi there,

I am looking for a "mouse/presenter" that can work with Articulate Storyline.

Most of the wireless presenters work just with Powerpoint...but does anyone know of a mouse that could work in "the air"?

I want to be able to: Point a laser...click on a button and initiate the left mouse button

Any ideas?


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Rutwin Geuverink

Thanks Phil,

Good to know that the buttons on the presenters are just keyboard mappings and thus can be set using triggers. This will allow for  a huge improvement over sitting behind a desk&laptop to control the presentation.

Looking for even more flexibility - I understand that the laser beam can't by itself track the the location of the mouse-pointer, but isn't there anything else that could be done to somehow make the mouse-pointer move from a distance? (preferably by a laser pointer)

I'm thinking of an "air-mouse" or (no experience with them) interactive white boards that can pickup the laser beam.

I will google some more, but was just wondering if anybody here has had the same desire as I do to have complete control while sitting amongst the audience of the presentation/quiz/game/etc.  

Just now I found something that could do it (sort of http://vesine.en.alibaba.com/product/898240451-212256036/Cheap_wireless_presenter_laser_pointer_with_trackball_mouse.html

Thanks again Phil for the explanation of presenters just having a 2-button keyboard with pageup/pagedown mapped, it certainly helps to get things started!

Anyone who has experience with what I would like to achieve?

Rutwin Geuverink


.....today I used my old wireless mouse as a makeshift presenter: I mapped some keys to the side-buttons on my wireless optical mouse (using X-Mouse) and was able to control an entire presentation while walking around. (I was surprised that my cheap wireless mouse had a range beyond the size of the room! 

Eventually tho, I came to the conclusion that for best control and flexibility (and a laser-pointer) I will need to buy a wireless presenter with laser-pointer and trackball, air-mouse or optical finger navigation!