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Aug 24, 2015


I was wondering if anyone has experience developing a tabletop exercise using Articulate? 





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Nikki White

Hi Guys,

I am going to build a tabletop exercise too.  I am also looking around to see if there are any examples available and came across this post.  Thanks in advance for the replies.  For those who aren't familiar, I lifted this definition from but it's applicable to my work in DOE as well.  

Tabletop Exercise (TTX): A tabletop exercise involves key personnel discussing simulated scenarios in an informal setting. TTXs can be used to assess plans, policies, and procedures.

Basically, I need to build a scenario.  It'll involve a map, vehicles, and workers.  The Learner will have to act and make decisions.  I would like to randomize the events so that each play will be different for each player (i.e. build a branching scene based on their choices).   

Brad, did you ever produce a tabletop exercise?  If so, can you offer an example, or if not perhaps some guidance on what worked and what didn't work?  That would be helpful as I get started in my design.

Thank you!  Nikki  



Dave Goodman

Hi Brad - we are doing the same types of exercises. It is a combination of SL360 and a physical tabletop. The SL portion opens with a 3D immersive flyover of a situation. The last frame of the flyover (.mp4) becomes a graphic and the learner performs specific safety tasks that were part of the SL content. The SL course stops at various portions and then a new exercise is presented. Once that exercise is completed, the learner is back in the SL course. Each specific task has a 20-30 second 3D scene to make it more real. We are making a  second additional piece for a realworld, physical exercise. We will be using a magnetic drop sheet on the table with imprinted scenerios upon which the learners will be moving, manipulating pieces like your vehicles. Our next level of plans is to create an adaptive assessment that integrates multiple content areas that must be used to answers specific problems. In your case, think of police placement at a scene, the placement of vehicles, people, etc using different situational analysis. Hope this quick overview provides some info for your design. regards.

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