Printing a slide

Jul 28, 2021

I need to allow learners to print the final slide in a course (a certificate of completion). I have read the post on adding the Print button to the player, and I was able to add it, but that prints the whole screen. I want to print just the slide contents, so that it looks presentable and prints on a single full page. I'm so surprised this functionality isn't built in to Storyline 360 that I'm actually wondering if I'm just missing something. Can someone help me out?

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Erica Flynn

Thanks for the suggestions! If I were to use a separate file I would lose the dynamic fields that I've already built in to the course though, wouldn't I? I have added scripts to pull the learner's name and current date on to the certificate. Those fields would definitely be more important than the quality of the print (most people would simply save as a pdf anyway). 

Justin Collinge

Hey Erica
Another approach could be to use a Cluelabs widget to create the pdf doc with the variables in place. The user then downloads the pdf.
Cluelabs widgets can be a bit fiddley to get working sometimes, but once working are a brilliant solution to getting information out of SL.
Hope that helps.