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Jan 05, 2014

Recently I have had the need to share information with clients about how much time it takes to complete elearning modules.  I had referenced the survey data from the Chapman Alliance but discovered it was too long and jargon-y for most of the folks with whom I am working.  I also wanted a quick, clear and concise way to show what all goes into making an elearning module...and the breadth of possibilities for what an elearning module can be (e.g., simple transformations from PowerPoint, interactive exercises, simulations, game-based).  So...I clumped some of the data from the Slideshare presentation listed above into a one page document.  I'd like to get your feedback on this document.  What works well in communicating the "behind the scenes" time and activities of creating asynchronous elearning modules to folks who have little to no background in the area?  What could be clearer?  What suggestions for improvement do you have?  TIA!

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Susan Stewart


Well, I have been paid per project (rather than per hour), but totally underestimated the time needed to complete the projects...thus my desire to have some concrete numbers to negotiate from.  Also a recent client wanted an intermediate level module done in 3 weeks - and that included content development.  I was able to show her with this sheet how (even without other clients) it would be difficult to acccomplish in that timeframe.  We negotiated a different delivery method since the matter is urgent and the budget was quite limited.

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