Professional Conferences - LS, ASTD, etc.

Mar 31, 2011

I am hoping this will turn into a discussion, but I have a couple of questions regarding professional conferences.

  1. Do you attend professional conferences?  If so, which ones?
  2. Do you pay for your own conferences, or does your work/company pay for the conference(s)?
  3. Which conference would you recommend to a person in the eLearning field if they had never gone to one before?

I'm asking for myself, but I am sure there are others out there that have been wondering the same kind of questions in regards to conferences.  I have loved reading my twitter feed during the Learning Solutions conference and really want to go to a conference in person.  I'm thinking of making it a goal to attend one of these conferences (paid by myself) so I can connect with other eLearning, ID and training enthusiasts.

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Robert Kennedy


You really zoned in on the major purpose in your last sentence - "so I can connect with other eLearning, ID and training enthusiasts."  To answer your questions though, I have attended Learning Solutions, ASTD and would like to attend BYOL and DevCon.  Since I work for my own company, I guess you could say I've paid for it myself.  As far as recommendations, I would say, go to any of the major ones if you are a first timer.  You will learn a lot and you will meet a lot of neat people.  The aim is really to form relationships in addition to being informed on new technologies and methods.  Forming connections with some of the vendors is the best part for me.  Those relationships seem to form something special in person as opposed to just email or phone.

Definitely attend at least one.

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