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Sep 07, 2020

I am working on a course in Storyline 360 that has a "progress" meter on every slide. It moves up or down based on how the learner interacts with the patient and answers questions on each slide. I think I understand the overall logistics of how it's supposed to work, but implementing and executing it correctly is another thing.

1) Do I need to put the slider on the Slide Master instead of copying it on each slide so that it's only using one slider variable instead of a variable for each slider on every slide?

2) It the trigger just to move the slider +/- 1 based on the learner's response to questions and interactions?

Thank you!

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Ned Whiteley

Hi Molly,

In the attached example I have created a slider on the Master Slide and then used two buttons on each of four slides to represent correct and incorrect response to questions.

A correct answer adds 1 to the variable "Progress", adjusts the slider and then advances to the next slide. An incorrect answer subtracts 1 from the variable, provided the variable is greater than zero and then advances to the next slide.

I have also added the variable reference in a text box so that you can see the value on each slide as well as the position of the "Progress Bar".

Hopefully this will set you on the right track, but if you have any further queries, just get back to me here.

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