Publish to web - blank screen

Hi All

I'm trying to export a course for web viewing, but when I open the .html file to view all I'm getting is a blank screen.

The file works fine if I view project from storyline, but when I open it in its .zip nothing happens.

I'm following all the steps but can't seem to find the problem.

Has anyone had a similar issue or have any idea how to fix this?


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Edward Eckenstein

You might try making a copy of your storyline project to do some experimentation with. Working with the copy, try to removing 1 thing at a time like a layer or slider etc. Then save it and see if the HTML works. It's important that you only make one change at a time otherwise you'll not find the source of the problem. It's a slow process but given that you can't share it's a way for you to troubleshoot it yourself. Once you identify the problem, you may need to find a work around.