Publishing to SalesForce/Cornerstone LMS

Good afternoon,

I am new at creating e-learning and publishing to LMS's. I am having diffculty in uploading my published file to Salesforce/Cornerstone. I keep getting an error saying that I have the wrong URI and unable to load the published file onto the LMS.

Does anyone have any words of wisdom for me?

Kind regards


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Nicole Legault

Hi there Leanne!

Thanks for posting in the forums. Sorry to hear about this frustrating situation you've run into!

Please make sure you're following these steps for publishing to LMS: Tutorial for Publishing Storyline for LMS

If that doesn't resolve your issue, please have a look at the following articles:

After you've looked through that information and have made sure to follow those steps and troubleshooting techniques, if you still have a problem, please upload your course to SCORM Cloud (a free industry standard tool) and see if the issue is replicated there. If your content works properly in SCORM Cloud but not in your LMS, open a ticket with your LMS provider to troubleshoot the issue. However - if it also fails to track in SCORM Cloud, please submit a case to Articulate.

Hope this helps! Good luck!