Publishing to the web

Hi, I have used Presenter and Storyline for some time. Almost all of my training is published inside our LMS. But I need to publish to the web to give access to some courses outside our LMS. I have tried to share Dropbox links in the past with mixed results. I am sure there are some best practices  in the community but have been unable to find them. Any help would be appreciated 


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Steve Heinen

Thanks Michael.  I did read the article you referenced, but when I post link from #1 nothing happens and when I post link from #2 I get the file loading widget and it never leads.  I am trying to access link for some marketing stuff I am putting together. I don't really want to use Articulate Review for this. With all the advances of Articulate 360 this is a shortcoming.  In Ispring you simply publish to content library and it crates a link to share.