Question about free/low cost hosting for articulate storyline portfolio.

Hi everybody!


I have a question about free or low cost hosting of our work.


I apologise if this topic is somewhere already updated but I was not able to find it.


Until now I had my files on Dropbox and had them linked to my Wix page that I have created to be my portfolio. Now that Dropbox is no longer allowing us to link our work to other websites, I'm in problem. I had part of my portfolio hosted on Google drive too but that is no longer option as we all know.


I found great article by Tom host of The Rapid E-Learning Blog who was updated.. I'm sharing a link..


but I'm missing some other possibilities of sharing now that we lost 2 of most popular. I'm sure there are more people with same problem.


So any ideas for help anyone? I'm not interested in part time solution like Tempshare but as more permanent one.


Thank you all for help.





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Anne Seller

Hi Nives,

Yes, alot of us are in the same boat… I am currently looking at options to have my own server space (i.e. from a local internet provider), as I feel that is the best long-term solution. In the meantime, I’m using the free service to host my modules and the free service to rename the links. Perhaps this is an option for you too?



Anne Seller

Hi Katherine,

If you change the "story_html5.html" file to "index.html", then it will work just fine. (For some reason, renaming the "story.html" file also didn't work for me.)

You then have to drag the folder containing all of the files to the box (on the bitballoon site) where it says "Drag your site folder here".

If you have any problems, please let me know. 



Nina Bacun

Hi all,

so after a while of thinking, I finally decided to go with Amazon s3 services and I have to say it is working.
I followed this great tutorial by Tom Kuhlmann.

On my wix page, I added content as HTML page and added link of .html file not html5.html file and it worked.

Hope this helps.