Quiz and next button not always working

Slide 1.9 has 8 things people need to choose gives a brief discussion and then a scenario with a question. At times, once the question is answered (correctly or not), the 'next' button is not highlighting and working. I have to go previous and then the 'next' button works. This doesn't happen on all of them and doesn't happen consistently. I am at a loss.

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Judy Nollet

I'd guess the problem has something to do with the program recognizing whether the slide is done playing or not, but it's hard to tell with an inconsistent issue.

The way I see the scenario questions in Preview, the Next button looks enabled as soon as the base timeline ends, but it doesn't actually work until the timeline ends on the selected feedback layer. Yet I don't see any programming to force me to answer the question. And, if I click Next before answering the question, I don't get any feedback about why the button isn't working... 

As a solution, I suggest you do something I always do with an interaction in a course with restricted navigation: create your own triggers to disable and enable the Next button. That keeps Next disabled until the interaction is done, and lets you control exactly when to enable it.

Here's what I mean, using your Nepotism slide as an example.

  • Create a base layer trigger that disables Next with a condition that the Nepotism variable is False. This will override the Restricted navigation, so that Next stays disabled when the base layer finishes playing. (Note that this trigger has to come before any trigger adjusting that variable to True.)
  • Add a trigger to each layer that enables Next when the timeline ends. Or you could trigger it to enable at a given point in the timeline (for example, if you want Next to enable as soon as the narrator says "Click Next").

By the way, with this method, there's no need to use conditions for the trigger about where to go when the user clicks/swipes next.