Quiz Attempt Variables

Sep 22, 2016


I set up a variable for quizzes. The workflow is as follows:

  • The user gets to a T/F or Multiple Choice quiz.
  • In order for them to continue, they must answer the question first.
  • If they click "next" before attempting a layer appears and tells them they must attempt the quiz to continue.
  • After 1 attempt, and assuming they get the correct response, they are able to move to the next questions or slide by clicking the next button. 

This works great. However, if they attempt the quiz and then get it wrong and try again, and then get it wrong again and then click next without getting the correct response they are able to move on. 

Is there a way to make the variable reference the correct response rather than having it check to see if the quiz has been attempted? Has anyone tried this before? Thoughts? Suggestions?



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