Quiz Badges, Points and Levels

Jan 08, 2022

Good day all,


I am designing a gamified quiz for my learners, and I am stuck at the criteria to use for badges, points and levels. 


Is there anyone that has done something like this, who can point me in the right direction?


Here is my first draft.

5 different badges and levels

First badge when user completes 2 quizzes, next badge at 5 quizzes etc.

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Bianca Woods


Gamification can be a great way to increase learner interest and engagement. That said, its effectiveness is often tied into what it's rewarding.

If learners get rewarded for something they're only mildly interested in, the reward itself will likely also only be mildly interesting to them. On the other hand, if the reward recognizes an achievement or milestone they worked hard to achieve or marks something they're proud of, it's a lot more motivating.

So in a quiz, just marking their progress through simple questions with points or a badge everyone gets at the end may not be super motivating. But something like points could be motivating if your quiz questions have a range of acceptable answers, with good answers getting some points and the most accurate answer getting the highest number of points. Or badges could be awarded for progress that not everyone gets: like getting 100% on the first try. Badges could also be a good fit for branching scenario questions, where you get different badges for taking different approaches in the scenario.

And levels that are essentially groups of questions of the same difficulty may not grab learner attention as much. But if the level 1 questions are the easiest ones and each level has progressively more difficult questions, that could feel more like the levels genuinely mark gradually increasing challenges.

On a related note, depending on the complexity of your quiz, you might not need to use levels, badges, and points together. Two or even just one of them may be all you need to reward learners in a way they find interesting.